Tuesday, 17 April 2007

News and Media


Well it has been nearly a year since anything of importance came out from us, and in that year lots has happened. First of all this will now be our site, i know its a blog, but it is easier to update (And more reliable) than the website so this is now where you find us! I would like to say hi to our new mapper taylor2oo and modeller dcattena!! Recently however we went under a small setback, we had a fourth build underway but i file got corrupted and basically screwed up the whole mod, so we went back from build 4 to build 2, however we are now back on track.

Now it is time for you to see what has been being made over the last year, so here is what is currently showing from our first map rtc16_lighthouse - The name explains it all really!

So there is all the media we have to show at the moment, however we will bring more to you soon!! We are still in desperate need of a skinner and coder, so if you can do any of those jobs please e-mail rtc16@steyning.co.uk



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